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Be a cat. If you want to express love honestly and wholeheartedly, and hope to receive genuine, non-judgemental, non exploitative responses, look to cats. Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalised tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. 3 He is my favorite alarm clock and, now pushing 14, he has the worst miow Ive ever heard, like he's been smoking cigars and drinking whisky all 9 lives, but God, do I love him.Thank you so much for this article, I googled ''why do I find cats so irresistible'' and got directed to your piece - I'm obsessed with cats, ever since a ''stray'' decided to attach himself with us, till then I though I was not a cat person at all and was all about dogs.

Whenever I was suffering with excruciating endometriosis symptoms, she would come & lay on my abdomen & purr non-stop. They intrinsically know my moods and are always there for me no matter what. A 10-year If you’re fortunate to have an affectionate cat in your life, notice how he or she receives your affection. Toys & Entertainment They’re right there in the delectable moment receiving our touch.Delighting in our physical presence, they may begin to purr and perhaps roll on their backs, exposing their vulnerability. Saying no will not stop you from seeing Etsy ads, but it may make them less relevant or more repetitive. Art & Collectibles I could always count on her meeting me at the door after a long day at work. Painting and drawing in mixed media (mostly cats!) Sale Price £7.84 I like to create things in my spare time. But sadly, most of us have blocks to receiving deeply and freely. So are we. Original Price £8.71

Jewellery & Accessories

They were 16 and 17 years old respectively. It always made me feel better.

Next page Sale Price £11.40 He survived, barely, was taken to a shelter, but wound up with such a severe eye infection that 5 months later it was still incurable, and he was scedualed to have them both removed.

Each cat I have had in my life, (that has passed) or who is presently a part of my family, enriches my life, each in their own special way. Give me some love and make me feel good.” Their gift to us is that they receive us deeply, without any troubling cognitions or disturbing memories of less savory moments, such as when we forgot to feed them or clean their litter box. So are we. By clicking Register, you agree to Etsy's They are beautiful creatures, yes?What an amazing and thoughtful article! Get out of your head, take a deep, easy breath, and be mindfully present with how it feels in your body to receive a hug and affection from a loved one. I also care for many feral cat colonies in my community, spay/neutering & providing daily food/water & shelter. Not so cats. Original Price £30.10

to knitting and sewing (mostly Zombie & Bogeyman babies! They give and take affection, on a limitless budget.Having grown up from birth "with cat" and being born into a family where everyone, on both sides, going back as far as I know, has always loved cats, it's natural that I would agree. They really know how to let us in! Cats are mucgh like us--and most traits that we perceive in them are actually traits that we possess. I am also a dedicated long-time rescuer.Cats have taught me a lot about life. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Humans could use more Research has shown that cats can be very healing for us.
Long story short, Teddy is a precious part of my life and the most amazingly friendly, connected cat Ive ever owned. It wasn't just emotional comfort, I physically felt a lot less pain as well. Find things you'll love. I had read an article about how a cats purring tonalities have healing frequencies. It is a great privilege to be able to bond with an animal, ( and for me it has always been cats that I have lived with and loved). 2 Original Price £11.59 From shop ClaresGiftsCreations. Much to be learned and applied to human relationships, so thank you...I am a lover of all animals, but my pet's at home are cats. We can learn a lot from them. Original Price £6.49 All I know, is that to have looked into the eyes of a kitty that has been thrown to the street, like garbage, scared, starving, screaming at me to "see" him/her, begging for mercy; the one thing I know for sure, is that YES!, their lives DO matter! Please enter a valid email address. Most likely, we don’t judge cats as being selfish; we relish how openly they let us in. I find that it is better to ignore them, then to empower them to dig themselves deeper in their hypocrisy as you justify your choices, to them.This is why we love cats. Original Price £6.49 Page 7 By the way, I appreciated you mentioning early on that many of the same benefits received from cats can be had from dogs as well. Original Price £19.79 Escape will close this window.

Both registration and sign in support using Google and Facebook accounts. Yes, cats are very fascinating creatures, aren't they? Futile Persistence: Why Do We Keep Our Bad Habits?

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