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The song's instrumental was derived from a slowed-down, reversed sample of Cole's 2013 single, "Forbidden Fruit" which features Kendrick Lamar. [])) It’s basically a studio in a basement, in the woods. At the end of his performance of “Forbidden Fruit” from his 2013 album Born Sinner, J. Cole told the crowd to pay close attention. "I was kinda discouraged at first because Cole didn’t want it. Aug 03, 2017

J. Cole’s 4 Your Eyez Only dropped in ... Cole reversed the track’s instrumental into “Neighbors” to show that the beat is the same. J. Cole performed in California last night, where he revealed that his 'Neighbors' beat is actually 'Forbidden Fruit' backwards when played in reverse. We call it the Sheltuh, and a lot of the album was recorded there. J. Cole’s 4 Your Eyez Only dropped in ... Cole reversed the track’s instrumental into “Neighbors” to show that the beat is the same. Basically Cole rented out a house in North Carolina. I was mad as fuck. 'Eyez' doesn’t answer all the questions we have about his new album, but it does pose new ones for Cole’s competition.The KOD Tour will be Cole's first since the 4 Your Eyez Only World Tour in mid-2017.Yes, in an alternate rap universe, J. Cole shaped 'Excuse My French.'J. "Forbidden Fruit" contains a sample of the song "Mystic Brew" by American Jazz musician Ronnie Foster. It made him feel guilty about how he chose to spend his money. This process is automatic. J. Cole’s 2016 track “Neighbors” is famously inspired by a police raid on his house in Fayetteville, N.C., which was spurred by the racist assumptions made by his wealthy white neighbors. Woah: J. Cole’s “Neighbors” Beat Is Actually “Forbidden Fruit” In Reverse During his 4 Your Eyez Only tour stop in Anaheim last night, Cole broke the golden rule of magic. Every time in this country a black man gets some money, what’s the first place he moves to? At his recent concert in Brooklyn, however, the North Carolina rapper told the full story of what happened in great detail:Cole explained that the song wasn’t just inspired by the raid itself, but by the way it made him rethink what he decided to do with his money:I wrote 19 rap verses about these niggas. @siyalaterrr. Playing songs in reverse to reveal supposed subliminal messages (known as backmasking) is usually associated with old rock bands who may or may not have been devil worshippers.
It’s also in the suburbs of a pretty wealthy neighborhood in North Carolina.
J. Cole Reveals That His "Neighbors" Beat Is "Forbidden Fruit" In Reverse J. Cole’s House Gets Raided By A SWAT Team In His Video For “Neighbors” About “Neighbors” You’re lying if you say you weren’t absolutely terrified the first time you heard what sounded like a love letter to Satan hidden on Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven,” a claim the band continues to laugh off.For the cynics out there who are currently Googling “Forbidden Fruit instrumental mp3” and “how to play a song in reverse” (get it how you live), you might be able to make out part of the “Neighbors” melody, but you won’t get the “holy shit!” moment you’re looking for.Between removing the snares, tweaking the tempo and beefing it up with 808s, Cole obviously did plenty of tinkering with the reversed “Forbidden Fruit” section in order to make “Neighbors.” After all, a magician never reveals For what it’s worth, playing “Forbidden Fruit” in reverse doesn’t reveal any hidden messages to Satan—even if he did get Adam and Eve kicked out of Eden.

During his 4 Your Eyez Only tour stop in Anaheim last night, Cole broke the golden rule of magic.© 2020 The DJ Booth LLC. J. Cole Reveals That His “Neighbors” Beat Is “Forbidden Fruit” In Reverse Cole wasn't in JAY-Z's original plans for Roc Nation, so how did Cole become Hova's biggest success?With a sold out tour and platinum album feathers already in his cap, Cole adds HBO special to his resume.It's been almost two years since "2014 Forest Hills Drive" - what does this behind-the-scenes clip mean for the future of new Cole music?

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